Willie Williams Jr

Looking For A Date, Dinner, Dancing, Intertainment and A Wife-Marraige w/ A Pre-Neptual Aggreement
230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576
New Haven, Connecticut 06513

My Black Dating Website

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Attn: HBCU's, Historical Black Colleges and Universities

We Are Looking For "Superior Black Women Students":
Did You Know That If You Marry A "Veteran" Rated At 100% Disabled, You Can Go To College Under The G. I. Bill For Thirty-Nine (39) Months and Get A Check Every Month In Your Name.

Become A Lawyer. Get Your "JD. Degree" and Help Black Men Get Out of Prison. This Way There Will Be More Eligible Black Men To Marry.

This Program Is Not For Every One. You Must Have A High I.Q. and Can Pass The Pre-Law Entrance Test.

For Years Black Women Have Been Saying That They Can't Find Eligible Black Men To Marry.

* This Is What You Can Do, Marry A "100% Disabled" Veteran, w/ A Pre-Neptual Aggreement-Connecticut.

* Go To YALE University Law School, Get Him Out of Prison, and (YOU) Feed, House, Buy Him Clothes, Pet Him Up, Codle Him, Wipe His Axx and Tears, Support Him, Motivate Him, Care For Him, Nuture Him, You Send Him To "Adult Education Center" and Send Him To "Gateway Technical College" and Send Him To "Southern Connecticut State College" and Get Him To Go To "Your Church" and "Denomination" Hopefully He Will Be "Cultivated" and "Eligible" To Your Liking.

* I Almost Forgot: You Pay For His "Medical", "Hospital", "Disability Insurance" and "Dental Insurance".

* You Haveto Pay For A Hundred-Thousand $100,000.00 Dollar "Life Insurance" or "Burial" Policy.

* You Haveto Deal With His Credit and Give Him Two-Three (2) or (3) Credit Cards.

* You Haveto Buy Him A Car, Two or Three (2) or (3) Years Old. (Don't Forget To By Total Insurance Coverage  w/$500.00-$1,000.00 Deductible.

* After Ten (10) Years You Can Divorce Me The (100% Disabled Veteran) and Then You Can Have Made Your Own "Custom Black Man". 

* Just Think About ALL The Good You Can Do For Society, What Ever State You Want Your "Custom Man" From, Save The State (Any State) or Federal U.S. Federal Bureau of Prison System, Territories, Posessions, Fifty-Thousand Dollars $50,000.00-$75,000.00 per. Year. What Ever Race You Want To Go By: African American, AA, Colored, Negro, Black People, Non-Black, Biracial, Mixed, Malatto, Octoroon, Quadroon, Creole, People.

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