Willie Williams Jr

Looking For A Date, Dinner, Dancing, Intertainment and A Wife-Marraige w/ A Pre-Neptual Aggreement
230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576
New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Black Family Churches Are Forming All Across America.
Children Are Starving, The Mother Has Three 3, Four 4, or Five 5 Children. She Is A Drug Addict, She Has Sold Everything In Her Appartment To Get High. She Spent All of The AFDC Checks For $335.00 Per. Month Is Gone, She Had, The Food Stamp Card For $180.00 Went For $100.00 She Had To By Drugs, The Social Security Check For One 1 Father $500.00 Is Gone. Her Rent Is $1,200.00 per. Month, Subsidized With Section 8, She Pays The Landlord $120.00 per. Month. She Get's No Child Support From The Other Four 4 Fathers Because They're In Prison.

This Is The Way Some Black People Live In The Hood,  "Ghetto", 

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