Willie Williams Jr

Looking For A Date, Dinner, Dancing, Intertainment and A Wife-Marraige w/ A Pre-Neptual Aggreement
230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576
New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Black Christian Women Over 50

Black Christian Women Over 40

Black Woman Over 75 Years Old Staying In Shape

Looking For A Tall, Bow Legged, Redbone Woman, To Marry In Connecticut.

Black Dating Website For African Americans In Connecticut

Black Christian Dating Connecticut

Black Woman Your Standards Are To High....Look At The College Ratio/Graduation Rate For Black Men Below...Read.

Connecticut Black News

New Haven Independent

When You Marry A Veteran or Retired Veteran, These Are Your Benefits and Rights.

Criminal Background Check/DMV

"Looking For A Tall, Bow Legged, Redbone Woman To Marry" In Connecticut, Why Can't Sucessful, Educated, "Black Women" Find A Mate ?. "Your Standards Are Too High !". My Standards Are High Too! . You See, I Don't Mind That A Woman Earns More  $$ Money $$ Than I Do. The Judge In The Video, Washington, D. C., In The First 1st. Video Below, Earns One Hundred-Fifty-Thousand Dollars $150,000.00 per. Year. Before Taxes, Social Security and Medical Care (Obama Care).

I'm A "Retired U. S. Army SSG E-6",  Three Thousand-One Hundred Dollars $3,100.00 per. Month, A Retired Teacher $1,500.00 per. Month, Social Security One Thousand-Two Hundred $1,200.00 per. Month, I'm 67 Yrs. Old.

Medical Insurance and Hospital Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Four Hundred Dollars $400.00 per. Month With Taxes Taken Out, We Make About The Same.

I'm As Honest As The Judge Is Honest, I've Had Secret Security Clearance (Top), I'm Sucessful: I Own My Own Corporation: Black Models USA Inc, Author: The Credit Correction Kit c.1989, I'm Loyal, Hard Worker, Exclusive, Integredy, Stable, Dependable, Educated, Kind, Generous, Go To Church, Pray...........Volunteer My Time. 

* Everyone Wants Their Own Piece of Clay, To Mold As They Will...Is It Realistic ?. 

Maybe You Talk Too Much...Other People Know Things You Don't.

These Are Some of My Experiences...You Might Learn Something.

"Willie Williams Jr, Is A Model", He Ownes, Black Models U.S.A. and Is Looking

For A Sucessful, "Woman" Between Thirty Five "30-55" Years

Old", Independent, Secure, Educated, Masters Degree, PhD. Degree, Doctors

Degree, JD Degree. Classy, Tall, Redbone Woman, African American, Bow Legged, Demple(s)

of African Decent, Female Between Thirty Five "30-55" Years Old To Date,

Dinner, Movies,

YALE Plays, Southern Connecticut State College Theatre, Go To The Shubert

Theatre, Modern Pizza and Whalley Pizza.

These Are The Colleges You Go To Now, "HBCU's" Historicly Black Colleges, They Do Not

Have The Resources Needed In

The World Today. In 1974, There Were One Hundred-Thirty-

Seven (137) "Black Colleges and Universities". Today, There Are About Eighty-

Five (85) "Black Colleges and Universities". Their Cost Start From One-Thousand

Dollars $1,000.00 per. Semester To Five-Thousand-Eight

 Hundred Dollars $5,800.00 per. Semester.

This Is YALE Law School 127 Wall Street In New Haven, Connecticut 06511. The

Cost per. School Year Is Fifty Eight Thousand-Eight Hundred $58,800.00-Sixty-

Two Thousand Seven Hundred $62,700.00 per. School Year.

* Do You Think You're Getting A World Class Education In A Black College ?.

Read Everything and Research It Your Self Link By Link, Get The Facts.


* Likes Having Her Picture(s) Taken and Videotaped

*Loves Going To Church,

I Don't Want Any More Children, I Have Three (3),

Grown, Married People, and They Have Their Own Lives To Live.

I Don't Want Any Stress, No Drama, No Head Aches, No Baby Ma Ma Drama, No

Drug Addicts, Crack Heads or Mental Patients, Debt Problems, Please !.

I Do Not Want To Meet:

 "Jabbo", "Bubba" or "Bosco" Your Dog or Cat.

I Have Ten (10) Requests: To My Preneptual Aggreement-Connecticut.

If An Interview Is Granted, We Meet At A Neutral Place Downtown New Haven,

Connecticut 06511 and Talk, See If

We Have Anything In Common, Have Tea, or Cocktail At The "Omni Hotel". I'll Pay.

I'll Pay For Your "Lawyer" and My "Lawyer" At The Signing of The


1. You Cannot "Eat Pork" or "Bring Pork" Into "My Home". Leviticus: 11: 7 (7) It Is

Un-Clean For You. There Were A Herd of Pigs....The "Demon's"

Asked "Jesus" To Let 
Them Run Into The Herd of "Swine"...Where Are Demons


 a. In The Dictionary You Will Find That The Origin Is Unknown. (Science).

 You Sign A Pre-Neptual Aggreement w/ The Clause (Renewable Yearly).

3. You Must Go To "College" or "Go Back To College" and Get "A Higher Degree"

 As Long As You "Stay In College" "You Will Get A Check" Every Month From

"The U.S. Government (G. I. Bill)". "You Must Study Law At YALE University" New

Haven, Connecticut 06510.

4. You Must "Exercise" and "Stay In Shape". Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

5. "You Cannot Have Any Babies or Children" or "Get Pregnant" While You Are

Married To Me (Willie Williams Jr) (You Break This Part of The Pre-

Neptual Aggreement, "You" and "Jabbo" Must Handle That Yourselves In A

Federal Court of Law) (I Don't Want Any More Babies or Children). A (DNA) Test

Will Tell The Real Story. (A Penalty Is Imposed).

6. I Want You To Go To "YALE University Law School".

7. I Will Handle and Take Care of: "Mortgage", "Lease/Rent", "Food", "Utilities",
"Trasportation", Your Personal "Cell Phone".

Books, Nick Nacks, Clothing $3,000.00 Annually, ALL Your Medical, Major Medical, Health and Dental Needs Through,

"ChanpVA". U. S. Government Insurance", Life Insurance, Disability

Insurance, School Insurance.

8. You Must Go Through A Yearly Background and Security Check U.S.

Government Requirement.

9. You Cannot Bring or Use Crack or Any Illegal Substance Into My Home.

10. You and (I) or Me, Have A Dispute or Argument, We Go To An Arbitrator First

1st./Councilor Before I File For Divorce.

a. Once We Are Married, We Must Go To A "National Guard Station" and Have

Your Photos Taken For Your "Military Dependents I.D. Card".

b. You Can Go To Any Church You Desire In Connecticut. Maybe We Can Visit

Each Other.


YOU Do Not Haveto Do Housework, I Have A Maid

Who Comes Every Week. I Do Not Need You To Do Housework.

Cooking: If You Don't Feel Like It, Don't Cook.

Domestic Abuse: I Do Not Practice: Physical or Mental Abuse.



Staying Mad

Work It Out




Write To:

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr (Retired)

230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576

New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Your Church 123 Any Street Soulcity USA

Black Models USA Fashion Store

Some of You Don't Like "Soldiers or Veterans"All of My Children Went To

College Including My Wife Before She "Was Killed In 1987". They Went Under The

G.I. Bill and My "New Wife", (If Any) Can Go To For "Thirty-Sixty (36) Months"

(You) Get A Check Every Month In Your Name".


The U.S. Government Will Procecute You and Put You In

Prison For Fraud or Misrepresention.

The Credit Correction Kit c. 1989 Author: Willie Williams Jr

Credit Cards

My Standards Are Very High:

Financial Slavery: Tax Lien, Forclosure, Child Support, Wage Garnishments, City Lien, State Lien, City Court Lien, State Court Lien, Federal Court Lien, I.R.S. Lien, DEA Lien, F.B.I. Lien, Other Types of Liens.

Education = Freedom


Jesus Talked About The 30% 60% 100%

Rise Up You Mighty People, Do As You Will-----Marcus Garvey c.1909

ALL of My Children Are Bigger Than Me.

Older Man Younger Woman-It's Security After Ten (10) Yrs. and A DIC Pension For Life.

You Haveto Eat Rite, Stay Slim and Heathy.

Where Are They At ?.

This Is A Sample of The I. D. Card(s) You'll Be Getting. You Need Two Types of I.D. Cards For Medical and Dental Services.

The History of Williams and Habersham Family (African American)

"Hercules Habersham" July 1857

"Albert Habersham" May 1893

"Leroy Habersham" October 1919 WW ll Tech Sgt. E-5

"Willie Williams Jr" Feburary 1st. 1946 "Vietnam War" SSG E-6

Willie Habersham-Williams 1946 Name Change To "Williams" In 1956  Probate Court New Haven, CT By "Queenesta Williams" and "Willie Williams Sr".

Jamie Williams
Nicole Williams
Linda Williams
Charlotte Williams
Joseph Williams
Doretha Williams
Queenesta Williams
Loma Williams
John Evans
Benjemin Evans
Carlotta Williams
Belzona Williams
Cary Williams
Loushas Derden
Dresden Derden
Ravin Derden
Terry Derden
Howard Derden

Geneology of Willie Williams Jr-Willie Habersham: You Should Always Check Before You Date, Have Sex With or Get Married To Anyone. 

LeRoy and Evelynn Hall Habersham

Mary Ella Bella Williams Jones-Ma-Grand Mother

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